You’re messing with the wrong federal agents.

I just can’t with Tony DiNozzo in this scene. Even after the warehouse scene, after “my Hebrew must not be as good as I thought” and after the whole “Tony somehow manages to not look at Ziva and tears my heart out in the process” thing and after the way he was with her during the meeting the in the morgue, when it comes to confronting the person who he thinks is messing with her? Well, nobody messes with Ziva when Tony DiNozzo’s around, and it doesn’t matter how much he’s hurting right now.

Also, no matter how much I want them to make out and get married and have ninja assassin babies who call Gibbs Grandpa (and make no mistake, I want that like I want oxygen), I also really really love the more platonic aspects of their relationship as well. One of the main reasons I think they would be able to work so well in the long term romantically is because they have such a strong base friendship. Tony does consider Ziva his best friend, he’s not just saying that because he can’t call her his girlfriend. I mean, he’s also in love with her. But under that, she is his best friend, and even if he weren’t in love with her he would still do everything he could to protect her.

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