Anonymous asked: "hello ! I love your metas and I was just wondering if you had any thoughts about what Bucky was like through childhood and through his teenage years and maybe what his friendship with Steve was actually like? Maybe parts of his personality people don't really pay attention to? (:"


Oh man oh man oH M A N you’ve asked me about Bucky’s teenager years BE PREPARED

The thing sometimes people forget about Bucky is how smart he actually is. Bucky’s cocky, yes, but that came from knowing what he’s capable of.  And it wasn’t just street smarts either, although I imagine that living through the Great Depression shaped him greatly as a human being — he felt responsible to help as much as he could; he’d pick up odd jobs, he’d charm the restaurant owners to let him take home leftovers in exchange for a few hours of washing dishes; nobody could say no to that smile, after all. And Bucky wasn’t just scrappy. He was intelligent, and responsible, and selfless. He was the neighborhood enforcer — the other kids, the bullies, they all knew not to mess with Bucky, because Bucky knew all your weak spots and wasn’t afraid to fight dirty. He looked after his mom, looked after his sister — and he looked after Steve.

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