#if this was the other lincoln he might die of a heart attack before he can say yes #but i feel like he said no because he knows the implications of olivia seeing peter in her dreams even if they have no relation #he was about to discuss it with her further before the dude interrupted them #so i think he’s doing her and himself a favor by keeping that distance #i do wish they become close friends and partners though


Also I am still really uncomfortable with the whole “Peter never existed” thing because on the one hand I desperately want Olivia and Walter to remember him because it gives me way too many painful FEEEEEEEELINGS to have them not. But like, if Altlivia remembering Peter means she also remembers her son but doesn’t get him back and has to deal with the pain of him not existing, well, I don’t really want that. But I want the Altlivia/Alt!Lincoln development back because that was beautiful. I JUST WANT EVERYTHING BACK THE WAY IT SHOULD BE IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?