Yesterday, I went to Disneyland. Apparently, at their Innovations building, there is a HUGE Avengers exhibit, complete with appearances by Captain America and Thor. Naturally, I ran screaming into said building, camera at the ready. After falling on the ground in front of the array of Iron Man suits and bursting into tears at the Steve Rogers exhibit (exactly like the Smithsonian one in TWS) I got in line to meet the Star-Spangled Man. (The workers were all awesome, they loved that I was such a nerd and so unbelievably excited to meet the Captain.)

My purse has a large Doctor Who pin on it, (not pictured) and the camera man for Steve pointed at it, looked at Cap, and was like “Look at this, it says something about she’s a Doctor?” and Cap points at it and goes "Oh, that looks like a blue police box!" so I said, (I was speechless guys I literally am such a dweeb) "It is." and he said "When I was in England doing an Op in 1942, I was stuck in a burning building and a man named John Smith pulled me out of the building, and then ran into a blue police box just like that and disappeared. Do you know if this has anything to do with that?" 


anyways, we took pictures, i cried when i walked out, thought you all ought to know. the end. 

It happened at Disneyland.
It’s canon now.





I like the idea of taking every woman joke from the last season, and turning them into Moffat jokes.

do it, seriously, do it.

Maybe that way moffat-fans will finally notice what a crap their idol is doing.

because really, easy formula ‘replace ‘woman/girl/any term referring to a female character, cis or otherwise’ with ‘Moffat’. If his fans are outraged how mean you are to him, congrats, the original ‘joke’ was an unfunny  sexist/transphobic piece of crap’

A to the MEN



One of my favourite things that Brandon revealed at the signings for Words of Radiance is that sometimes Hoid lands on a planet and waits for something important to happen, only to get embarassed and leave when he finds out that there’s nothing actually going on.




Aaaaaahhhh no okay sorry I need to reblog it again because I am having Thoughts and Feelings

I mean Time Lords as a whole are awful at the concept of disguise I mean their major spy organisation has a distinctive black-and-white uniform which they never take off for crying out loud

But what we have when conversations like this happen is an unfortunate convergence of two Gallifreyan cultural things coming into play at the same time

#1 is Things Should Be Labelled As What They Are (aka Everyone Is In Uniform At All Times)*

*Romana somehow avoided this. Go you, Romana! You are the only one!

and #2 is Gallifreyans Are Prosopagnosic And Recognise One Another By Telepathy

And like yes if your entire species is faceblind and its primary sense is telepathy (and on the whole its members have a much lower sense of individuality than humans do because of the hivemind) of course the emphasis on clothing is going to be different

Humans use clothing to protect and cover up, yeah, but we also use it to show off and to express ourselves and neither of those things is nearly as important to a hiveminded species with vision as a secondary sense as it is to us

Gallifreyans use clothing as a label because Things Should Be Labelled As What They Are

Is it orange with a single V-stripe and double sleeves and a reasonably heavy weight of fabric well then clearly you are a Prydonian Time Lord

And yes the renegades do this too the lack of a uniform is the Renegade Uniform I would refer you to the fact that the Master is always in black and the Doctor picks a single theme per regeneration and sticks with it unless major trauma happens (looking at you, Eight)

Things Should Be Labelled As What They Are and so when the Doctor picks a new wardrobe at the start of a regeneration all they are really doing is re-applying the Renegade label hello yes I am a renegade this is my new renegade uniform

(It must have taken poor Twelve quite some time to come up with the cunning plan of wearing a different uniform I mean that is some hardcore breakage of Gallifreyan brainwashing there)

So for Gallifreyan Norm #1 we have ‘Nobody ever wears clothing that doesn’t indicate their function in society therefore nobody will ever suspect I am a renegade if I am wearing a Shobogan’s uniform, not even Clara’

And then for #2 there’s this unfortunate thing that Gallifreyans don’t see faces and like yes I’m sure the Doctor is aware that humans do recognise one another by sight (they go through this every time they regenerate after all) and they know their face hasn’t changed since Clara last saw them


What does ‘sight’ mean

Well clearly since everyone is always wearing a uniform it means face + uniform

This face + that coat = Sixth Doctor whereas this face + guard uniform = Commander Maxil

Oh sure my face is the same but Clara won’t recognise me as me because I am not wearing my renegade uniform she’ll just think I’m a Shobogan with a very similar face that’s how humans work right?

No Doctor

No it isn’t

But nice try

I’m mildly prosopagnosic so I totally get this.  I forget which Second Doctor novel had the Doctor looking for his companions, wondering why they made it hard by wearing different things all the time.

There’s also the fact that they don’t even recognise THEMSELVES.  Six didn’t know who he was in his second form when he was watching an image of the Second Doctor being tortured in Dastari’s machine…but he EXTRAPOLATED he was looking at his old self!

And you know, off and on, humans SOMEWHERE and SOMETIME on the Earth will totally judge you by your looks.  In the Victorian times, posing as a janitor would make total sense if you wanted to be invisible.  It must be frustrating to be the Doctor sometimes!  Like a parent trying to keep up with all the fads when you have teenagers running about!

Note that No one, note even the other Time Lords, NOT EVEN BORUSA makes a comment about what the Doctor is wearing.  EVER.  That leads us to wonder…is even noticing someone is ‘out of true’ on their clothing a mark of the highest rudeness?  The Master and the Doctor make quips on occasion about their faces…but their dress sense…eh…no.  It doesn’t seem to be DONE.

Not to mention that this goes a long way in explaining why the Doctor had so much trouble reassembling Jamie’s face in The Mind Robber. It makes sense because, indirectly, Jamie was doing him a favor by wearing the kilt all the time because that made him really easy to identify. “Oh yes, Jamie, he’s the one in the kilt.” The Doctor lost that advantage in The Mind Robber with just pieces of faces to work with and no kilt….

In my own head-canon, I’ve often thought that the Doctor identifies Jamie more by his thought patterns, which he taps into on a regular basis because they are relaxing and comforting to him. It’s a part of my explanation for why the Doctor is so clingy with him given how he often uses touch to facilitate telepathy with humans and other non-Time Lords.

So again, this fits well with this idea that the Doctor (and other Time Lords) rely more on telepathy to identify each other. I mean, it would be a necessary skill for a society that has regeneration, and all the changes that come with it, as a normal part of life.

Taking it even further, this might be why Twelve was so confounded/distressed by his new face. For whatever reason, he recognizes this face on some level and he wants to know why he does and why he would use the tactic of adopting this particular face as a way to tell himself something. 

Fascinating discussion. I love bits like this. :)




I’ve spent my morning over-analyzing the latest episode of doctorwho

Her Granny would have to be around 40 today. Why would her Granny and not at least her MUM be posting things on tumblr? also: there are 12 years old in here. She should be here.

A lot of it was also her tone when she said it. It was like, “oh Tumblr was this thing way back in the day that only people who were my Gran’s age would be familiar with”

Obviously this is still bugging me.

Pfft, like Moffat puts that much thought into ANYTHING that doesn’t serve his own ego. (… actually, scratch that. LIKE HE PUTS THAT MUCH THOUGHT INTO ANYTHING AT ALL.)

Okay so I actually looked it up and Moffat isn’t the official writer of the episode, but given how TV writing works, he still could have been the one who added the joke. And frankly, this kind of complete disregard for thinking through a joke just for the sake of having the punchline? That’s pure Moffat.

Also, SOMEONE at SOME STAGE of the process of writing/rewriting/rehearsing/shooting the script should have caught this and said something and then it should have gotten fixed to more accurately reflect the length of time between now and then. YOU SHOULD BE BETTER THAN THIS, DOCTOR WHO.