"We elected not to tell Peter that he was the only person being considered. It’s quite fun to invite someone into your house and have them read lines. He doesn’t even know he’s got it."

Steven Moffat on choosing the next Doctor (via doctorwho)

okay so… was that stuff about there supposedly being a black actor who was offered the role and turned it down bullshit, or is steven just saying that after that happened, the only person he considered was peter capaldi?

because frankly i’m not sure.

and like, even if that is the case, that there was a mysterious and unknown black actor who turned them down… why was an old white dude the ONLY OTHER POSSIBLE CHOICE? why couldn’t they see, idk, other black actors? or actors from other minority groups? i’d suggest women too but frankly i don’t want moffat writing for a woman doctor.

you just can’t trust a damn thing that comes out of moffat’s mouth, though, because however you slice it, if the thing about there being a black actor who turned down the role is true (which, like, didn’t neil gaiman confirm it?), then moffat is lying through his teeth about capaldi being the only person they considered. like, to an extreme length, because they weren’t just considering someone else, they offered the part to someone else.

i just fucking can’t anymore, okay. i fucking can’t.


Holy shit, but this works perfectly! Without the TARDIS translating all they’d probably hear would be “I am Groot.”



These Doctor Who-themed engagement photos are too cute for words.

TJ Mundell and Timmy Patterson of Dallas constructed a custom TARDIS and hired photographers Shaun and Shannon Menary to shoot in an appropriately gloomy warehouse in Deep Ellum. To complete the scene, Patterson dolled up as the Ninth Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston) and Mundell went as the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant).

Fittingly, Patterson’s proposal was something right out of a Doctor Who episode: “He proposed while we were hiking on a mountain in Japan last November,” recalled Mundell. “We were surrounded by monkeys and were almost killed by a giant Japanese wasp.”

Patterson and Mundell will tie the knot on November 8 in Saratoga, California. [x]

"No! I accidentally just said the truth! No, not really. I think the story’s sort of done. I thought what Russell did with that was so brilliant, because I did think it was over. Once you’d lost Roger Delgado, who was so brilliant, it was tough to keep it. It’s like Moriarty in Sherlock – yes, I know – you think, ‘you’re a great master villain, you know what you do a lot, you lose! You’re always tremendously confident and then you’re humiliatingly defeated and you don’t remember that the next time you pop up with your ridiculous plan’. So no, the Doctor doesn’t really need an arch-enemy, so we’ll go for new ones. So, sorry John Simm."
— Steven Moffat, when asked about the return of the Master, at the London Deep Breath premiere Q&A. (via who-news)

Anonymous asked: "Have you heard about Peter Capaldi refusing to act a romantic relationship with Clara? Do you think he'll do well, or be smothered by Moffat?"



From what I’ve gathered, Peter Capaldi is a huge fan of Doctor Who that pretended to be a huge Moffat stan until he’d signed an airtight contract, at which point he revealed he hates the direction Moffat was taking the show he loves, plans to systematically undo it to the best of his ability, has been openly mocking and refusing the participate in parts of the script he doesn’t think are true to the character, and insisting that they “won’t chase him off this show,” which is basically saying “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

I think the new season of Doctor Who is going to be glorious.

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this is brilliant and beautiful

peter capaldi will be my new god if he pulls this off


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please be true please be true PLEASE BE TRUE