Casual reminder that when the Doctor did this:


He thought he was kissing Rose goodbye. 


Tenth Doctor / Rose touch trajectory through Series 2

This is what happens when a behavioural scientist gets tired of hearing ‘clingy girlfriend’ comments…

For notes and a longer description, see here

Bonus fact: the biggest difference in touch frequencies was in the Rise of the Cybermen / Age of Steel two-parter, where the Doctor initiated touching five times to her one.



Paul McGann about the Five-ish Doctors: ‘Wasn’t that actually the best thing about that weekend? That was the best thing on, wasn’t it. I think it was. It was the thing with the true spirit’

well… he’s not wrong, is he







"I think Clara is the Doctor’s mother" yeah because that wouldn’t make the already-intensely-awkward-and-painful flirting in Eleven’s era even more intensely awkward and painful

Everything about that idea is ludicrously painful, in every way, wow. 

lol though with Moffat’s whole “but WHENNN did the Doctor say he WASN’T HUMAN??” condescension spectacular at that q&a earlier this year, and his desire to cram his OCs into every last nook and cranny of this show, this is exactly the sort of thing he would do.

I mean, in terms of Eight, Moffat’s obviously only ever paid attention to the tv movie. The “half-human on my mother’s side” line is just the kind of nonsensical and unimportant thing Moffat would seize on and milk, to show off his ~cleverness~. 

Kinda hoping this happens, because the more far-fetched and ridiculous Moffat gets when he jacks with the 47 years of show that preceded him, the more likely we all are to corporately ignore anything he ever had to do with this show. 

Wow, Moffat. More and more he shows that he never actually watched the show. Ever.

"When did the Doctor say he wasn’t human?" Ummm, Well, you see, Steven, it’s this little Fourth Doctor serial called Pyramids of Mars, where he says:

"You don’t understand the implications… I’m not a human being; I walk in eternity…”

Got that, Moffat? “I’M NOT A HUMAN BEING”. You can’t get any more clear than that.

Um. Just to be clear, this isn’t something Moffat said, or implied, ever. Also, the “when did he say he wasn’t human” wasn’t an “ohoho, but he might be!” thing, he was literally just asking fans if they knew what the first time he’d said he wasn’t human was. In a condescending as hell way, mind you, but he wasn’t suggesting the possibility that the Doctor might be human.

Not sure if you were addressing me or stormwolf, but just for the record I have listened to the clip of that interview and knew Moffat’s question about the Doctor’s origins was posed as a “pop quiz trivia” sort of thing.

My thought was just that he’s got such a penchant for misleading fandom or taunting us out about his plots and the direction he’s taking his characters (along the lines of the “But are you SURE that Matt is the Eleventh doctor mwah hah hah!” interview, right before he upgraded TenToo to a full regeneration and shoehorned in War), and Moffat’s straining so desperately to leave the biggest mark he possibly can on this already big show, that just seems right up his alley.

But you’re absolutely right, he’s never said a peep about Clara being the Doctor’s mother or anything along those lines. Maybe this season will be relatively quiet, in terms of Moffat jiggering with major bits of canon. I would be deeply, genuinely happy about that. 

How freaking much of a coincidence is this????

well, i’m not a mathematician, but i’d say it’s about a 1/365 chance.

Anonymous asked: "the war doctor was brought into the show in the 50th anniversary special, fyi."



Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? The 50th anniversary ep had the First through Eighth Doctors, and their companions, all being very clever and working together to defeat a scheme by the Master to keep the Doctor all to himself. There wasn’t any character named War. Just a solid, emotionally satisfying plot that paid appropriate homage to the history of the show.